Celtus Consultancy Services BV. renders its services remote (e.g. outsourced administration and accounting functions) as well as in-house of the client (e.g. interim management, ERP design/deployment projects). Although Celtus Consultancy Services BV is a young company, it has a rich portfolio of ressources for interim management, managment consulting and financial accounting. The company has a rich experience of balancing out various GAAP´s applicable for a business in order to satisfy compliance requirements on local and global level.

Globalization requires business to maintain high flexibility. Changing regulations and requirements demand for temporary expertise to deploy new processes or implement new standards.

Celtus ConsultancyServices offers best practice expertise in international accounting standards as well as in meeting local statutory requirements for global players

This includes themes such as.

  • Revenue Recognition
  • VAT returns (domestic as well as EC sales)
  • Intrastat reporting
  • SARBOX compliancy
  • BaFin Reporting
  • Ensuring segregation of duty within the procurement cycle
  • determination of temporary and permanent tax differences between two reporting standards (e.g. US-GAAP vs. domestic European GAAP)
  • Distribution model (markup model, cost plus, commission model)
  • Inter-company service level agreements,
  • efficiency analysis in usage of existing ERP system
  • Project work on system enhancements
  • Change Manegament
  • Outsourcing/Off shoring
  • Restructuring
  • Change Management
  • Functional consultancy
  • Outsourcing